Customized Tow Transfer Trolley

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Company Profile
Henan Remarkable Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is professional handling equipment company integrated intelligent R&D, design, manufacturing, sales as well as after-sales service. It specializes in producing electric transfer carts of various tonnages, handling equipment accessories, intelligent crane and crane accessories with professional design, development and manufacture of non-standard, intelligent electric transfer carts and handling robots. According to different power mode, the handling equipment products can be divided into six series including low-voltage track-powered, battery-powered, towline-powered, cable reel-powered, safe-trolley-line powered, and unpowered traction.
Its product conforms to JB/T6127-2010 mechanical industry standard. Featured by the compact structure, nice appearance, accurate positioning, simple operation, stable turning, strong gradeability, long-distance driving, low noise, easy maintenance, no cable and easy remote control, it is suitable for transportation in various environments and is widely used in aerospace锛宮etallurgy, coal, heavy industry, shipbuilding, light industry,and other fields.
Adhering to the core values of Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation, and Efficiency, it aims to meet users' needs based on non-standard intelligent design. Taking Quality First, Credit First as principles, as well as Serving the Customer as a mission, it constantly provides users with the most satisfactory service through developing and innovating products to create an innovative, service-oriented company.
We firmly establish the service tenet of "satisfying customer needs is our sacred mission", tracking services in a timely, serious and full-time manner, and striving to solve and meet customer needs.
Service Promises:
We firmly set up "to meet customer needs is our sacred mission" service purpose, provide timely, serious and whole-process track service, resolve and meet customer needs with full effort.
Pre-Sales Service:
1. We will provide the most perfect and high-quality pre-sales consultation, understand customer needs, and provide "one-to-one" service.
2. Designers design "customized" product plans and relevant consulting services according to customers' needs, and provide the most suitable plans for customers.
Selling Service:
1. We will provide free technical support to users, analyze the actual situation of customers, recommend product selection, and provide customers with the most economical and reasonable plan.
2. We will deliver the goods on time in strict accordance with the contract and provide relevant installation instructions.
After-Sales Service:
1. After the products pass the acceptance inspection, we will guarantee the quality for one year. Within the year, we will follow up and return to visit customers regularly, track and understand the problems in the use process and effectively solve them.
2. After receiving the user's information about product quality (call, letter or oral notice), we will start the immediate response mechanism, reply within 2 hours, and immediately send relevant personnel to the site to deal with and solve the problem.
3. The company shall bear all the expenses for the products with quality problems.
4. Outside the warranty period, the company will maintain and provide damaged parts and components at a preferential price. The company will provide lifelong service.
Factory Introduction
Ruimaike intelligent production factory is located in Guandi industrial park, Xinxing City, Henan Province, with beautiful environment and beautiful scenery, adjacent to National Highway 107 and Jingzhu Expressway. The traffic is very convenient. There are 50 on-the-job production personnel, 18 of whom are professional technicians. The main plant area is more than 7000 square meters. The company has advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, complete test means, perfect quality assurance system, sand blasting shot machine plate processing equipment, optical fiber laser cutting machine, gantry CNC blanking machine and other cutting equipment, submerged arc welding machine, second protection welding machine, ultrasonic flaw detector and other testing equipment. The company can meet various technical requirements of users and provide quality products and equipment.Customized Tow Transfer Trolley
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